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When the landlord threatens "revenue optimization"

The financial crisis is intensifying the run on real estate. The trend towards revenue optimization steepens as property prices rise. Landlords such as pension funds and real estate companies but also private property owners are therefore giving their tenants notice to quit by invoking "revenue optimization". Solvent new tenants are waiting on the sidelines, ready to pay more for sought-after premises in city centres and locations with high pedestrian traffic.

Can I stave off a notice to quit?

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The solution depends on the specific circumstances of your case. Swiss rental law in general allows the termination of the lease in order to get a higher rent from a new tenant. However, such a notice is illegal if the rent paid by the current tenant provides the landlord with a sufficient yield. A complex legal minefield and a typical matter for a consultation with us: call 044 461 00 00

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Rent deposit insurance – an expensive undertaking

The landlord usually requires a bank guarantee or rent deposit as collateral. Several companies also offer rent deposit insurance as an alternative, nowadays also for business premises.
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Trends regarding notices to vacate the premises for renovation

Contribution by Dr. Armin Zucker
Separate print from the Europa Institute Zurich, Volume 122,
Current Topics of Tenancy Law, Zurich 2012

pdf > Trends regarding notices to vacate the premises for renovation